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do schools kill creativity -
FacebookPinTweet Do schools kill creativity? credit to   “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”, is a hot topic. Some people are of the opinion that in order to show your creativity you first need to educate yourself, while other say that education kills your creativity. Children are fearless. They are not[...]
7 ways to help avoiding getting ripped off -
FacebookPinTweet  1. Avoid Crowdsourcing Projects Parading as “Design Contests” (Not to Be Confused with Legitimate Competitions) Note that, in general, design competitions with great prizes and fun community interaction give designers a way to flex their creative muscle and do something outside the range of normal day-to-day work and most[...]
How much do you charge? -
FacebookPinTweet There is a big question that keeps popping up everywhere, how much do you charge for a logo, a flyer, a poster etc? We keep hearing different answers all the time yet there hasn’t been a decisive universal conclusion. What I do think is there should be an average[...]
Golden Aspect Ratio -
FacebookPinTweet Golden Aspect Ratio = The art of 1.6180339887 Whenever you see a composition that simply seems right, you may wonder why right actually seems right. The human brain is built in a way to organize things in logical and optical order. That is why we assume that all surrounding[...]
Paying For and Pricing Art: Why It’s Hard and What to Expect -
FacebookPinTweet You walk into a restaurant and sit down. The waiter brings you a menu. If it is not a wine or drink list or an expensive restaurant, you expect to see prices next to the menu items. You decide what to order based on what you want to eat[...]
To My Indignant Client -
FacebookPinTweet To my indignant client, and possibly for the amusement of my fellow designers, (actually, everyone should read this) Ads! Right? No one wants to see them. But everyone thinks theirs deserves to be seen. Successful ads have ONE single message. Unsuccessful ads have 2. Or (dun-dun-dunnnn) more. This is[...]

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