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Ángeles Ruiz



Tell us a little bit about your self?

My name is Ángeles Ruiz, I was born in the nice city of Barcelona, Spain in 1971. Where I currently live with my husband (who also has his same passion for illustration) and my little daughter.


Tell us about your studies, and how you developed your Career?

I have a degree in fine arts and interior design by Llotja art school in Barcelona. Started my professional career in illustration after being selected in Bologna’s children illustration fair some years ago. From there, I published my first book as an author/illustrator with Grandir publisher in France, and after that, kept working with publishing houses like Edelvives, Cruilla, Baula…


What Made you become a Graphic Artist?

Always liked to draw, and thanks to my parents, who saw my potential, they tried to push my career and helped me to get into an art school. When I started art school, I choose to specialize in illustration, just to give it a try, and a few months later, I discovered that I really loved it.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

 A lot of scenes are constantly pouring from my mind and, then turn into a story. My personal projects come from personal experiences. Things that touched my heart or gets me thrilled. When I work with an author’s story, I try to dive into his/her world and reproduce all feelings that the story gives me. To do this, I use composition, color, environment and the characters expressions.


Who is the most Designer/Artist you look up to?

 I follow a lot of illustrators of all ages. Social media makes this so easy, so it’s a bit hard for me to choose one or two artists. Each of them has their unique and outstanding skills. Just to mention a few of them, Kitty Crowther, Wolf Erlbruch, and Beatrice Alemagna. I’m sure I will keep discovering new artists, and fall in love with their work. I have a huge picture book collection. One of my hobbies is to go to libraries and purchase new books.


Who/What are your biggest influence? Who is your biggest support?

I’m lucky to have had the chance of meeting big Friends, great artists, and kind people, that gave me their knowledge and had helped me to professionally grow. My husband, Oriol Vidal, also an illustrator, unconditionally supported me and cheered me up in the good and bad times. I learned a lot from him. And he always keeps surprising me. Recently I met Marián Lario, a great professional, and thanks to her masterclasses I have been able to improve my work. also Mb artist Mela Bolinao, that helps me develop my career in the United States and the UK. My friends And my family always supported me, of course.


What would you like to say to your fans?

I would like to thank all the people that follow me on social media, supporting me, and appreciating the work I  post there. A big THANK YOU to each one of you!


What would be your dream project?

I would like to keep turning my dreams into my profession.


Anything else you would like to add?

I thank the person responsible for This lovely Blog for letting me showcase my work here. I really appreciate it!

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