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Daniela Spoto

I’m Daniela Spoto, an Italian illustrator based in Germany.
I studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy and then I moved to Berlin, where I live for six years. Once there I realized that I wanted to be an Illustrator: I started to buy tons of picture books, read illustration blogs, websites, forums from professional illustrators. I also attended some illustration workshops.

In Berlin I’ve known a lot of artists, I’ve started to exhibit my illustrations and to collaborate with Spanish and German publishers. (like Stendhal Books from Barcelona and Goldblatt Verlag from Berlin). In 2016 I moved to Dusseldorf.
I illustrate both in traditional and digital media, I choose the medium depending on what kind of project should I work on. I enjoy working on my personal projects as well as collaborating with authors and other creative people.

I think that it’s really important to have some spare time for drawing for myself. Poetry and children’s tales are what I love to illustrate the most!

For more info about my work:


Behance Portfolio



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