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Denis Bova ( Ovab )


” Our mind is the last space of freedom we can ignore or explore … ”

How to summarize your course of life?

Born in France, in the grey of Normandy, I always liked drawing, especially at school, because I was deeply bored. Having very early, freedom as a goal of life, I studied at the Fine Arts of Le Havre, thinking to reconcile artistic creation and this much-sought freedom. My career has always touched the creation in general. A career shared on the one hand within global communication agencies in Paris but also by creating three companies. Then three years ago, an irresistible urge and the need to create was felt to give substance to a personal work and was a real upheaval for me. So many universes accumulated in my head over the years that only begged to hatch. It was time to let them live. Now I create under the sun of Provence, South of France


Why portraits?

I paint what moves me the most and fascinates me: the human face … and more particularly the faces of women. I especially try by the work of the eye to transmit the emotion of these “fragile” women but also paradoxical, contradictory, excessive, soft and wild, poetic and provocative. I express through my portraits, a strong and fragile vision of both the contemporary human.

“Sincerity is the essential condition of art, we only touch in the truth,” Tolstoy said.


Why this style is somewhat pop art?

There is real optimism in pop art, and I want to reach the public in a simple way without the visible or subliminal message. My portraits must be understood to be loved. In perfect harmony with my philosophy, this artistic movement shows the way to reconcile the singular with the mass culture, the rare with the ordinary one, the work of Art with the merchandise … where from my technical step, to be able very soon to allow the

greatest number to acquire a creation on various supports contemporary such as plexiglass or aluminum


How do you work?

My work is divided into two distinct parts: A research and digital creation than a very classic work on canvas, usually in large format, based on fluorescent acrylic.


Why did you introduce digital into your work?

One must live with one’s time. The contribution of digital in artistic creation is a plus. The technology exists you have to experiment. Like a brush, it becomes the new material of an artist, nothing more. To create is to put emotion before the tool. In my work, I mix several styles according to the inspiration of the moment, I am impatient to see the result and the digital creation allows me this speed. I create the feeling according to my state of mind or try to mix images that I assemble according to my feelings.

Digital allows me to mix my passions, to be able to create a dreamlike world of construction, deconstruction rooted in reality.


Tell us about your creativity?

When I create a portrait, I try to translate my emotion of the moment, but I’m not sure I know what emotion it is. What does it matter !! The bottom line is that there is a before and after because a web lives by its creator and vice versa … but also by its buyers. I am convinced that painting or loving pictorial art is not just a relaxation, but actually a therapy.

I constantly search in my creations, harmony, and balance in a firework of shapes and colors. The eye must be surprised by the result, but especially do not remain indifferent. At times, I let chance do its share of work to then reproduce this accidental poetry.


My favorite artists?

I am more sensitive to modern creation than classic with very eclectic tastes such as Vasarely, Hartung, Soulages, Lichtenstein, but also contemporary artists such as Francoise Nielly, Russel Mills or street artists like Hopare, become over the years a true art-recognized.

For several months I have been developing my young artistic career, by meeting with the public through collective exhibitions, and also private commissions. I will soon be present in a network of galleries in France and abroad, but also in a few days on the online sales platforms Saatchi and Artmajeur

Art: Few seconds of émotion …… What else?

• Ovab : is the artistic pseudo of Denis Bova

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