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Ditmar Kolaj

Hello! My name is Ditmar Kolaj I am a Self-taught 21-Year-old Graphic and Motion Designer based in Tirana, Albania.

I studied Technology of Information and Communication and ended up leaving school to follow my dream. Since I was a small kid I would play and experiment with Photoshop. Now I am still experimenting and working for a few major companies and organizations in my country such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Spar, United Nations Population Fund, Sos Children Villages, Qafshtama Water, Paolo TV, Delimano, etc…

As well as I am challenging myself every day in creating something new… something unseen… the most beautiful thing I find in my posters is that I get influence only from my feelings. I don’t open any resources for inspiration, here are some of my experimental posters.



for more of my work you can check out the links below

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