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Guylaine Régimbald



My name is Guylaine Régimbald,  I was born in Quebec City, CanadaI live Now in Montreal, Canada


Where and what did you study?

Began college in interior design to be told after a month that I was too graphic. I looked into it and changed my major. I followed my gut feeling but I didn’t know what graphic design really meant. In retrospect, this how it happened. In the midst of those tree years my family moved to Montreal. I then applied to Concordia University in graphic design to see if I would be accepted. Upon their approval I switched my major in college to Fine Arts with a new adventure. I began my new journey and after a year I applied for the Graphic Design specialization program. It meant more design courses including creating and building 3D projects that I totally enjoyed. I shared my time between graphic design working to pay for school and drilling and sanding those 3D project.


Are you a Graphic Designer or Graphic Artist, and what do you specialize in?

I was never sure of the real difference because for me illustration and design were separate. I’m aware I’m not good enough of an illustrator to be have become one. So I am a graphic designer hiring illustrators.

At first I was a generalist doing it all with the exception of illustrating though I was good a technical drawings, a college elective and that supported lots of projects and an extra skill.

My first design job was I mainly printed collateral pieces like annual reports and brochures and was the main technical person to finalize logo that got approved from my senior peers.


How did you develop your career? 

That same design job brought me some contacts. From there I began moonlighting designing corporate projects and logos. It was easy for me to enjoy working from home because the studio’s owner decided to merge and let us all go. The freelancing world brought me into publishing, advertizing and retail. I worked on about 50 book covers, laying out books from bios to bands to English literature while typesetting a few and layout templates. At the agency I was in charge of creating and producing weekly ads for famous travel agency. I also  worked at three universities in their marketing department. All those places built expertise while providing experience working with different clientele. I’m still working from home and treat it like a workplace.


What made you become a Graphic Designer/Artist?

Nothing made me. I guess I made myself become a graphic designer and still do. I enjoy it. Design seemed a natural choice and I continued with it. I may have to thank that teacher from college though.

I love solving a problem it’s humbling and an honour to be approach from someone who needs your help. And I’ll do all in my power to provide a solution. It’s when you found a solution that is the most satisfying. Mind you I love the process of discovering along the way of either research, sketching, creating while keeping the goal in mind. Lots can happen in those moments.

I saw and still see it as playing with shapes and colours, but with intent now. I realized I was doing the same thing now as when I was a this little girl sitting at her desk drawing while listening to music.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration is all over the place. You’ve heard that before but it’s true. Looking or analysing others work is good for educational purpose, but don’t get caught on what those famous people do at that moment. They are still growing and solving design problems. Get caught up on how to solve the problem in your own unique way. Build personal case studies will totally change your mind set versus. Redesign something you don’t like but figure out who that piece is for. Yes, design is geared toward an audience. In real life, I love to say that, remind yourself that the final result you see is the combination of a its purpose with people, choices, reasoning and communication. We are first in business.


Who is the most Designer/artist you look up to?

I don’t have anyone in particular. I enjoy of reading about design like Marty Newmeier (branding), Seth Godin (marketing), watching The Future (the business of design) and learn by looking and analysing.

I have great respect for our predecessor like Paul Rand, Massimo Vignelli, and Milton Glaser who provided quality for our industry just to name a few. Mr. Glaser with whom I had the chance to be his student thought me things still useful. Other names like Paula Scher, Erik Spiekermann, again to name a few are still working a creating. It’s their lasting life as designers that intrigues me.

Recently I watched Design Canada, a documentary. I found out how the Canadian flag became, how our Canadian visual identity came to life and who were the main designers who formed our visual culture and from where our teachers got their own influence.


Have you received any awards for your work, if yes, how many and for what?

A mini ego booster you mean. Ah ah ah…

Got 1 mention and 1 win at the Redgees,
The Canadian Regional Design Awards.

for my business card (image included) is at:

Got a Best in Category in Print Marketing (image included) at


What do you like about your work?

What I like? LOL That’s a loaded question. I know that each day I can improve. The question I ask myself is how and where to improve. Once you discover that you go for it. It will bring you confidence for your next project.

I will challenge you to look back at your work and figure how you can now improve it. Redo it for if you can. Learn to become your own critic. I call it my devil’s advocate. I view this approach with tenderness and fearlessness. It’s all about the results of having found a solution. Because before sharing your cherish piece with a community ask yourself the hard questions, you know them. Only then press send.


What do your opinion is the Role of a Designer/Artist in society?

Politics and social issues are not my thing. I’m not oblivious of what’s happening in the world but it hurts to much to touch it. I prefer to solve a client’s problem. But when I see good social design piece I wish I could have done it. Kudos to them and I praise the work.


What would be your dream project?

Collaborating with the right people and something of value to others. Alone we can do, together we can do more.


Who/what are your biggest influence?

I’ve been thinking about that one and I wonder still. I just love good design from graphic, furniture, architecture, industrial where ever I see it and the problem they solved. I always wondered about influence because if the world is full of the same style of design then we forgot our role as designers.


What is a message you would like to tell your fans?

People find your voice and explore it. Learn the rules before you can break them, It’s a cliché but still true to all industries.

Make a distinction between what you want and what the client needs. Our responsibility as designers is to use are abilities as visual communicators to  solve a problem.

Learn typography, it’s not going away.

Learn communication, the hierarchy of messaging.

Learn psychology, to help you in all aspect of your life.

Know thyself, it will solve lots of personal issues with you and others.

Learn marketing, business and self promotion, money is a good thing.

Learn to ask the right questions, that works for anything in life.

Learn to be patient, don’t give up, improve and be a part for a better visual world in communicating.


I want to end with this.


Milton Glaser created posters for the School of Visual of Arts aimed to future students. Check it out via the link below.

To be good is ….

Who is your biggest support?

Not sure I understand the question. I don’t have big supporters, I rely on myself. It sounds weird but my friends are not into design. I see my clients as supporters. They trust and support me by providing me with work. Of course my parent are proud of me.


Anything else you would like to add?

That was cathartic. I’m still work in progress and might always be. I hope my story was inspiring. We all have ours. The key is what you do with it. You’re welcome to ask me anything.


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