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Julia Masalska



On experimenting with everyday objects and getting out of the box.

Hello, my name is Julia Masalska and I am quite a multidisciplinary designer. Having studied product design and having practiced 3 years of graphic design as a freelancer – I have been stuck in the design process several times. Here is my story and what I do to not get stuck.

As a student at a German University, I had a problem one day. The same day I had to give a presentation on a product design project and I did not own a camera at this time. What to do?

I took a university scanner, opened it up and put my objects inside. After the scanner slowly slit it’s light under my 3D models and the picture popped out, I was mind-blown. The result was a high-resolution photo from the bottom with a black background. So I quickly added some text to the picture and had an amazing poster. I solved a problem by rethinking the purpose of the objects surrounding me.

This day forever changed me and the perception of my environment. I started questioning objects and what they are for. If I maybe could use them in a different way?
Why not boil water on an iron or iron with a stove? Why not use make-up to paint or use empty plastic bottles as a life west?

My little innovation had just started out. So what can I do during the scanning process?
The light slit moves slowly from left to right, so I can capture the whole moment. And does my picture have to be still? No, it can also move. This is how my art project “Scanned” started. It is all about capturing the moment while the scanning process, which can last up to a minute. I went from 2D to 3D with my scanner. Did I reach 4D now also capturing time?

This got me thinking whether there are other people in this world who had the same thought. I found about 3 or 4 people from all over the world doing a very similar thing. Some with a video recording that only took a slit at a time, some capturing objects with their scanner. Then I found an artist, who was moving the paper while the printing process instead. What a genius!

Most of the everyday objects fulfill a purpose, some of them only one. If you start questioning yourself what it is that the object is actually doing, you might find a different purpose for the same object. Why not make tea in the coffeemaker? Or boil your eggs and sausages in the electronic kettle?
The same goes for design. Why not use Archicad to design your fonts or try and find letters in your everyday objects. Recently I had a hair on my soap that looked like a Nike logo. I was inspired all day. “Just do it.”

Get away from the obvious and you will get inspired to change your ways and create something new!

SCANNED by Julia Masalska

Project published in the “Crooked Teeth Lit Mag”, 2017. (@crookedteethmag)

Project in collaboration with the “Foxglove Magazine”, 2017. (@foxgloveworld)

The Printer Painting artist: @felipepantone on Instagram



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