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Kara Mask


I’m Kara Mask, a current DC resident with her heart in Baltimore.



I studied at MICA (The Maryland Institute College of Art) in Baltimore, MD. I was a painting major (but that’s a whole other story).



Right now: Graphic Design. But I also like to think of myself as a businesswoman.


What is your journey up until this point?

I come from a very fine-arts background. I was a painting major in school, and had a lot of intentions to continue on that path and spend my days gallery sitting big ol’ abstract paintings. However, the riots in Baltimore circa 2015 made me question my intention with fine arts. I lived in the neighborhood affected. It was very sobering to watch our community be in pain and have no tools to help. I set out to learn design so my creativity could have more impact. I ended up in DC where I’ve been prioritizing work with nonprofits who empower communities, end cycles of poverty, and seek out criminal justice reform. I love to approach business leaders with the curiosity and investigation that comes from my fine-arts background.


What is your inspiration? Where do you go for inspiration?

People. Always. I love being an observer.  I love seeing how people interact with problems.


Who inspires you?

I have a lot of fucking talented friends: Micah Wood, Jess Marx, Abbey Parrish. All artists in their own right. I’m a big fan of Mariano Pascual, Josef and Annie Albers, Rothko, Rube Goldberg,etc. etc.


Who is your biggest support? Who supported you the most?

Me, myself, and I. I think a lot of people would have told me to do something else: to keep painting, to work more commercially with my design, to not mix business and art, or maybe to not do art at all. Sometimes you gotta really trust  and support yourself.


Have you won any awards or appreciation for you work? What was the award for and when did you get it?

I’ve had a few mentions and shout outs. It’s not worth noting given the intent of my nonprofit work.


What do you like about your work?

It’s always changing and adapting.


What do you find the most challenging?

That it’s always changing and adapting.


What do you want to say to your fans?

Where y’all at


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Don’t be too satisfied!



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