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Klaus Pitter

Hello! my name is Klaus Pitter, I was born in 1947 in a little village in Upper Austria. I liked to draw from early childhood.

When I was around 15 years old I created my first cartoons. It did not last long and some of them were published in magazines and newspapers. It did not think this could be a real profession, but after some detours, I landed at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. We were occupied with poster designing, illustrating, photographing and trying out printing techniques.

After my studies, I was working as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for magazines and publishing houses in Austria and Germany. Nowadays I prefer drawing my own cartoons for competitions and exhibitions and love to do some poster-designing if there is a possibility.

I have done comic-workshops for kids – although I’m not sure you can „learn“ cartooning.  I would not have wanted somebody to tell me how to do…, I was lucky to win prizes and diplomas at international cartoon contests – e.g. in Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Luxembourg, Makedonia, Romania, and Turkey.

There are many people doing great work by organizing such events and those encourage artists to try their best.

For more of my work you can check the links below, thank you!



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