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Lou Catanzaro


Lou Catanzaro, 45, Male, United States



Massachusetts College of Art, Commercial Illustration



Illustration, Character Design, Cartoon and Game Art


What is your journey up until this point?

I have been a professional artist in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. I have been an illustrator, graphic designer, animator, 3D Modeler, UX and UI Designer for a variety of groups all around the world. I have loved animals since I was two years old, and they always made their way into my art. In 1998, I was fortunate enough to be one of the founding members of Blue Fang Games, and I was one of the original creators of Zoo Tycoon.

Since then, I have made dozens of games for the Xbox, mobile and social games on Facebook, Android and iOS. I have enjoyed my career and love making art for games!


What is your inspiration? Where do you go for inspiration?

I enjoy concept art. There are so very many outlets and online groups to find inspiration today. It is a deep privilege to be able to see so many wonderful artists all around the world.

I am inspired most by games, and the most recent was Journey by ThatGameCompany. A complete experience that was both beautiful, and emotionally resonant for me.


Who inspires you?

My children. I see in them so much joy and freedom. I see in them hope, and clarity. I look forward to the future and I find it inspiring to spend time with kids.


Who is your biggest support? Who supported you the most?

I’d have to say my parents, but next to them, communities of artists online.


Have you won any awards or appreciation for you work? What was the award for and when did you get it?

I won achieved honors for my illustration work in college. Zoo Tycoon also received several awards for its quality in design and presentation.


What do you like about your work?

I like to make people happy. To lift them and inspire them, through colorful, playful and beautiful colors.


What do you find the most challenging?

The marketplace and industry is not always respectful or understanding of the creative process, or the value of it. Being commercially viable has challenges to it in a fast paced and ever changing world.


What do you want to say to your fans?

I am honored and humbled by any praise. You mean the world to me. All my work; everything I do, I do it for you. Be happy!


Is there anything else you would like to add?

My sincere prayer is that in our world today we learn to slow down a bit and take the time to appreciate the beauty of art, the power of it, the skill and expression of it, and the transcendence of the imagination.





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