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Marcin Kordacki

My name is Marcin. I’m a Graphic Designer/Utilitarian Designer with more than 15 years of real live design experience behind my belt. I’ve been studying design but,  honestly, I think of my self as a self-thought designer. Initially, I’ve started off with some common Graphic Design, but over many years I have grown to become a designer operating in many different creative fields.

I do believe that origin of design is in creating useful solutions for people who are looking for them. So in my opinion design is about empathy and meeting clients needs. It is quite a contradiction of art which is about personal feelings and world perception. Sometimes both those disciplines meet however it’s a somewhat platonic relationship where designs like to be seen as art. 

Personally, I do art. I am obsessed with minimalism and concept of abstract art. My daily vector challenge a small project that has already grown to a website and quite a few fans is based on the concept of minimalism. 

Professionally I feel most comfortable in Illustration, UI/UX design, and brand development. This is my day to day bread an butter, and that’s how I make a living. Mostly as a consultant and designer. Sometimes I do marketing research for my clients. 

My biggest love is Typography and font design. I do follow by the rule that custom fonts and logos build the best brands. I like impactful works that last, and I do believe in an idea of detail and concept of smart design.

I’m really honored that I was able to join this community and I will share few tricks with you from my day to day design work.

If you want to learn more about me, please feel free to follow me on my social media or visit my website. Thank you!

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