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Marek Jagusiak

Marek Jagusiak was born in 1980 I am from Poland, I live in Tarnowskie Góry, near Katowice, in the southern parts of Poland.

Where and what did you study?
I graduated from Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź, Poland. I studied Graphic Design. I also briefly studied Visual Communication as an Erasmus student at National College of Art & Design in Dublin, Ireland.

Are you a Graphic Designer or Graphic Artist, and what do you specialize in?
I am a graphic designer, specialized in branding and packaging design. I can also deliver key visuals for advertising campaigns.

What Made you become a Graphic Designer?
I’ve always wanted to have a creative job. A professional activity that is easy to evaluate and gives you measurable, tangible results. I could have become a carpenter (I like wood) or a bridge constructor (I like the idea of connecting people) but because I fear of losing my fingers and I lack mathematical skills, becoming a graphic designer was a natural choice.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Nature and art.

Who is the most Designer/artist you look up to?
There are plenty of great designers out there, who inspire me. I follow illustrators, like Paweł Jońca, Greg Coulton, tattoo artists like Ilya Brezinski, letterers like Tomasz Biernat and Martin Schmetzer and many more. Recently I’ve been discovering more Russian designers and artists, whose work is an exceptional combination of craft and creativity.

Have you received any awards for your work, if yes, how many and for what?
I haven’t received any awards because I haven’t taken part in any competition yet. 3 of my projects were featured on Behance so far. My works were published on Packagin of The World and Dieline. My recent packaging design, Oak Vodka, is going to be published in 2018 edition of Favourite Design book.

What do you like about your work?
I like serendipity. These random moments in the design process, when you get unexpected results. Something you wouldn’t think of before you began working on it but ultimately it improves the quality of your work. It’s like finding gold while you dig out coal.


What do your opinion is the Role of a Designer/Artist in society?
The role of a designer is improving the quality of living and solving the problems of everyday life. The role of an artist is directing the spotlight on issues we tend to ignore, neglect or don’t want to hear about.

What would be your dream project?
That could be anything that would push my limits as a designer a bit further and would produce some useful output.

Who/what are your biggest influence?
As a designer, I recognize craft and creativity. A pure artistic expression is not enough for me. That is probably why I was so impressed when I saw the works made by M.C. Escher for the first time. It was a jaw-dropping and mindblowing experience! I am pretty adept in using computer-aided designing tools but I am not sure if I could ever copy his works carved in wood or drawn and etched on a limestone (lithography), using my fancy software 🙂 Escher himself was inspired by Islamic artists. When he visited the Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain, he was so impressed by the mathematically divided planes visible in every architectural detail that he decided to incorporate it into his workflow too. Personally, when I think of all endeavors to depict God in cultures around the globe, the seamless and endlessly repeating patterns mastered by Islamic artists, are probably the closest to his nature.

What is a message you would like to tell your fans?
Do not ever give up on your dreams. Only a dreamer can become an achiever 🙂

Who is your biggest support?
My girlfriend, who is also a gifted photographer and a visual artist. She’s always the first person who gives me the feedback on my works. She’s always understood what keeps me doing what I do.


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