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Patrycja Longawa

Hi! my name is Patrycja Longawa I was born on 09/02/1988 in Sanok, Poland. In 2012, I obtained the Master of Fine Arts majoring in Art Education with specialization in painting at the University of Rzeszów. In 2013 completed my second studies in the faculty of Graphics, dealing with drawing, graphics, posters and satirical drawing. I have participated in numerous prestigious exhibitions. I have received a total of 14 awards and prizes. I have presented my work on nearly 130 national and international exhibitions, among others, in: Ukraine, Brazil, Peru, Iran, Turkey, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Romania, the USA, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, China, France, Slovakia, Biloxi, Macau, Venezuela, Greece and Hungary.My current job position at agency allows me to express myself as a Graphic Designer on daily basis.

You can check out more of my work on facebook, Thank you!


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