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Victor Weiss


“Victor Weiss is a Graphic Designer passionate for the creation of visual brands, always seeking to develop intelligent, functional and efficient projects for companies and people who seek to be unique.”

I was educated at home following the Home Schooling method. In this way, I had the American culture as domestic and English as the first language. I believe that for this reason, I have always seen the world differently from other people in my social circle from Brazil.

Victor G. Weiss was born in 11/05/1997  in the city of Campinas, São Paulo. I currently live in Blumenau, its a city in the state of Saint Catherine. South of Brazil. I am married and have a 4-month-old daughter and 3 dogs.


Where and what did you study?

Most of what I know I learned alone. Many nights on youtube and blogs observing as much I could. I did study graphic design in the Nova Microway school, in 2014.


Are you a Graphic Designer or Graphic Artist, and what do you specialize in?

I’m a graphic designer. My focus is on visual brand development. I love developing color pallets, typographies, patterns, shapes, images, all elements of visual branding.


How did you develop your career?

Much like most designers, I begun playing with photoshop and flash. In photoshop I loved developing abstract arts, just random brushes mixed up with simple effects. In flash, I would create stickman animations just for fun. With time I begun to have a special interest in logos, It always amazed me how an entire company can be represented with on simple icons, like Apple, Nike, McDonalds etc.


What Made you become a Graphic Designer/Artist?

As a kid, I would watch my older brothers playing around in Photoshop, Flash, Inscape and other programs. Even though none of them took this área professionally, I think it was a major influence on me.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I have developed a networking circle, some of my close friends in the graphic design área. They really inspire me and we all help each other grow. Besides that, I spend daily hours on Behance and sometimes Dribbble.


Who is the Designer/artist you most look up to?

My biggest inspiration as a designer and artist is God. I see the nature, how everything works and flows and I can feel the hand of the creator. From small details like a leaf on the ground to big things like a beautiful night sky. This makes me feel rivegorated with ideas and creativity.


Have you received any awards for your work, if yes, how many and for what?

I have never inscribed any of my projects to competitions. It is something I may do in the future, but it’s not my focus right now. I have received 2 graphic design features on Behance this year.


What do you like about your work?

That’s a hard question! But I could say I love not being stuck to one style! A lot of designers have their on personal way of doing things and they enforce it on their clients. I try to keep an open mind and focus on my client’s needs before my personal taste. I love the variety in my portfolio.


What’s your opinion on the Role of a Designer/Artist in society?

Designers work at the intersection of [cultural] trends; their problems are among the key problems of the overdeveloped society. It is their dual investment in them that explains the big split among designers and their frequent guilt; the enriched muddle of ideals they variously profess and the insecurity they often feel about the practice of their craft; their often great disgust and their crippling frustration. They cannot consider well their position of formulating their credo without considering both cultural and economic trends and the shaping of total society in which these are occurring. Design plays a complex role in modern industrial societies. Besides its explicit practical functions, design has implicit social functions. Designers not only create useful products and images but they also produce and reproduce cultural meanings through those products and images. The social context within which they operate circumscribes the choices designers can make in creating and marketing ideas. Only through understanding social and cultural contexts can designers comprehend fully their own roles in society.

I recommend the reading of: Jill Grant and Frank Fox on “Journal of art and design education”.


What would be your dream project?

I would love to be responsible for the visual part of a rebranding for a big company. I’ve seen the route many enterprises are taking and I think that many are losing personality. I’de like to change that trend.


Who/what are your biggest influence?

I have created a network of professionals that today have become my close friends. These guys are amazing.

Fernando Middas

Emerson Medeiros

Bruno Sobphie

Pedro Renan

Gilnei Silva

Marcelo Kimura

Viktor Navorsky

Kadu Lombarde

Rafael Maia


What is a message you would like to tell your fans?

Just a thank you for all the support in my portfolios and social media. Some of you have been with me since the very beginning, you’re all awesome!


Who is your biggest support?

As clichê as it may sound, my family. My wife, my baby girl, and dogs. They inspire me to be the best I can be as a person and a professional.

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