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Vlad Fedotov

Hi folks,

My name is Vlad Fedotov, I am a 26-year-old Graphic Designer from Ukraine, but I’m based in Bulgaria. I am gamer, reader and cartoon lover. I enjoy exploring new techniques in design, my passion is for logo design and fonts.

I took my first steps as a Graphic Designer back in 2009, after my first summer job. I just knew regular work is not for me. I did some research online and I found a Graphic Design contest website so, decided to give it a shot. After two weeks, I won 2 contests, one after another. Meanwhile, I kept learning new things in this field, and in the first 6 months, I managed to win 30 plus contests from a total of 92 contests. And guess what!? that wasn’t enough for me, in 2012 I decided to move to the next level and work directly with clients. I had a good portfolio and it wasn’t hard to find clients.

I remember my first client. She was a very lovely lady from Chicago, and our contract was for $5 and I was happy – not for the money, but about the thought that someone liked my work and decided to go with me. I am not going to lie the first year was really hard, and the competition was big, there is always someone who is willing to work for less. Anyways, somehow I survived and slowly kept growing my reputation. In 2015 I became Top Designer, with 300 completed projects and 1000+ worked hours.

In 2016 I started to work part-time for an Australian agency, and they gave me that project that I will never forget. It was for the Australian government! I was happy and super scary at the time. I worked 6 months with them creating posters, flyers, brochures.

When the project for the Australian government ended, every next client, contract, brief were boring. Every change asked by a client drove me crazy. It all felt so frustrating and pointless for me. I just wasn’t happy.

April 2017 I decided to step back from the clients and channel my creative energy somewhere else. I started to create digital products – creation kits, premade logos templates, fonts. I started from zero building reputation and traffic to my page. It was a long run with many sleepless nights and I definitely worked a lot more than I used to. I was creating things that I wanted to, without a brief, without changes, and that kept me going.

February 2018 was my game changer – I haven’t accepted a single project from any new clients. I just keep a few of my old clients that I became friends with me. and I just can’t say “No” to them. Now I am one happy person who gets only positive vibes from what he does. No more stress for me!

Dreams come true. When its hard, it always gets easier. Never give up, and fight until you reach your goal.

Here are some of my designs, you can also find me on Instagram, Thank you.


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