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do schools kill creativity

Do schools kill creativity?

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“Do Schools Kill Creativity?”, is a hot topic. Some people are of the opinion that in order to show your creativity you first need to educate yourself, while other say that education kills your creativity. Children are fearless. They are not afraid to be wrong. They just come up with things and try to get it done, no matter if they fail. Even if they don’t know how to do something they will try to come up with a way of their own. They do not have the fear of being judged. If kids do not know the answer to something, they will make a story of their own and try to sell it to you. Now what education does is that it feeds you the fear of being a failure. Then you get afraid of failure, you never do anything original, new or innovative.

You just try to stick to the old, tested and trusted ways. Education makes you conscious of the fairy tales of success and failures. So, you never try to do anything new and keep on doing the old stuff. That is how you lose your creativity. Now when such people come to businesses and companies they never take the risk of doing something new, but rather pull the tricks they were taught from the books. What education does is that it tells you about your mistakes in the form of marks and numbers that you have scored in the examinations. Thus, education is dragging people out of their creative capabilities. It is believed that when children are small and aren’t educated yet, their creativity is at the peak. As they grow, they tend to lose it. People often say to think outside the box. But what is this “box”? It is the education that you get. It makes you blind to the outer world as you are taught to think only inside that small oh-so-precious box, or casual education if you please.

Your thought process remains limited to your learning – you try to find solutions to problems inside whatever you have learned. So by thinking outside of the box, a person means that you have to come up with something completely new and original. Our education systems around the world are designed so that they yield only workers – companies do not want creative workers. Subjects like science and mathematics are kept at the top in the hierarchy and subjects like dance and music are kept at the bottom. You will never see any school teaching dance and music on regular basis and with the same emphasis as science and mathematics. What is the reason behind it? The reason behind it is that dance and music are no use for the industrialists. Imagine how many musicians and dancers inside children have been killed by the formal education systems. It is all because our education systems are running fast and they do not have the time to guide children in the right direction.

by Ahmad Saleem.



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