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How much do you charge?

There is a big question that keeps popping up everywhere, how much do you charge for a logo, a flyer, a poster etc? We keep hearing different answers all the time yet there hasn’t been a decisive universal conclusion. What I do think is there should be an average price line on what to charge for a new design, let’s think as if it isn’t design; let’s think about it for any other field, for example, an electrician. if you’re living in the USA there is an average is a price online, for example, a light switch goes out and you call 3 different electricians you would  get 3 different prices a price from each electrician, e.g. This could be $60, $75 and $100 based on their work quality the material they used, their speed, and some might add an extra trip charge if they are coming from a far location. You would pick the one you want at a price that works for you. One thing that is the same here is they all live in the same city and state money value is the same.

Now when it comes to pricing design, one thing people don’t mention is location. Money has value different from one place to another. For example, if you live in Japan, you would need $5000 a month to live a comfortable lifestyle whereas if you wanted to live the same lifestyle in India, you would need just $1000 a month. So when getting a client one of the first things you should know about the client is where the business is being operated where are they located. Naturally, you have to know all other factors such as the type of business, the target audience the size of the business etc, but it’s important to know where the client is.

I lived in the USA for quite some time, pricing a logo was never less than $600. Now I’m located in Jordan and my minimum charge is $200 for a business that is being operated in Jordan and I’m not saying that’s what I charge for a single logo. I am saying that would be the minimum I would charge based on what the business is and target audience and all other factors, but my minimum charge for clients located in the USA is still $600. In the USA there will be likely be another designer that would be undercut by the dramatic cut in price if I were to charge Jordanian prices for US work. This can cause damage to the market. Something we should think about more for the people that charge $25 for a logo some do have great work, and they put effort into their design. I will not deny that but they are selling these logos worldwide and it’s affecting everyone. It’s not helping the market! In conclusion, always keep location in mind! Some people will agree and some people won’t all I can to do is say what I think is logical but in the end, we all do what we think is best!

Note: The main focus in this article is to determine the minimum price, not the max price, the main factor for the maximum charge is determined by other factors that will be brought up in other articles, also all numbers used in this article were only examples.

By Ahmad Saleem

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